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The current line of iPod touch comprises seven (7) different generations.

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Ear phone jack operates intermittantly.

Ear phone jack operates intermittantly. Seems to have a bad connection with only one side playing till you jiggle the wire.

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Definitely needs a new headphone jack. This is possible to replace yourself, but it is tricky. I don't think iFixit carries this part, but I know you can get the part from eBay for about $5-$10. What generation of iPod Touch do you have? For the first gen iPod Touch, you just take off the backplate and unscrew a couple screws around the headphone jack before unsoldering the 4 points that hold it on. Carefully remove the old and stick the new one in, and resolder. The 2nd/3rd gen iPod touches are a little different (you have to take them apart a bit more) but can still be done.

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Also, you can buy the headphone jack for 1st gen touch at iTronics Repair.


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