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Water damage

Instead of starting an identical thread: I have a 64GB 3rd gen exhibiting the exact same symptoms with one exception: when I plug the iPod into my Sony clock radio's dock, it comes on (cold boot) and everything works. Unplug it and it totally powers off (even thought the battery reported fully-charged). Plug it into Apple power adapter and the same thing happens. It's fully functional (except no wi-fi at all; it's grayed-out in Settings). I can play music, videos, games, anything. Home button works, power button works. Everything seems just peachy. But plug it into computer and I get bupkus. Leave it unplugged and also nothing. Home button doesn't work, main power doesn't work.

Note: this iPod went thru a complete wash cycle 21 June last year. It made it out of my jeans pocket to the bottom of the washtub. After "soaking" in in rice for about a week, it still showed no signs of life, so I took it apart to see all the pretty guts. It has been sitting disassembled since then.

I reassembled it yesterday, 26 Feb, and got a lovely surprise. I'll try the suggestions re checking power, making sure everything is clean. Failing that, any other suggestions? or should I replace the logic board?

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dan jones, the difference between the iFixit "Answers" and other forums is, here you ask individual questions and get answers to your question. Welcome to iFixit.

The first thing I would start off with, is a proper cleaning. Use this as a general guide. Make sure you clean it well so as to prevent corrosion issues after. Then replace the battery. It sounds like this is where your problem starts. iDevice Batteries do not like liquids of any kind :-) That may also help your wifi. Right now it is possibly showing greyed out because of a shortened IC. Clean the dock connector thoroughly and make sure there is no debris, bend or broken pins. After that, reevaluate and see what you get. At this time I do not think there is any need to replace the logic board. Hope this helps to get you started.

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Thanks for moving this to a new thread. Apologies for my error. I'll do as you suggest and report back. Thanks for the assist!


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