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Apple's line of laptops for professional and power users. To date the MacBook Pro line includes 13, 15, 16, and 17-inch variants, with major revisions defined by unibody, Retina display, and Touch Bar designs.

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Torx T6 stripped/stuck screw removal.

I need to replace the iSight camera in a MacBook Pro. After reviewing your video on removing the LCD screen, I realized it was the same process.

However, the video show the two main segments of the unibody separated.

That would mean the hinges needed to be removed from the base.

3 Torx T6 screws hold each hinge in place. One side came off nicely with a T6 screwdriver, the other not so great.

I've tried using heat with a soldering iron. That helped with one screw. That leaves 2.

Then I tried an extraction tool (ezout). That just chips out the screw with no movement.

There is still some head left.

What other options do I have?

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It may be now that the fixing which the screw goes into (usually seen as a copper colored barrel shape), is broken away from the laptop casing itself :( So no matter what you do, the whole screw and barrel will just be spinning around.

The only thing i can suggest now is to use a 0.5mm drill (hard to find, and you've gotta be soooo gentle with them), and tap a small hole into the remains of the screw shaft - then use a smaller sharp ended screw to grip the old one, and hope it can move it.

If the screw and barrel really are turning, then the screw is probably so tight in the barrel that you can only drill the whole thing out till it gives up and falls out.

One other method I've used a few times successfully is to use a cutting disc on a small drill (a very thin one), and make a slice in the top of the screw head - then a flat blade screwdriver can turn it as normal.

Screws are a wonderful thing, until they just wont unscrew :(

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To avoid stripping/damaging the TORX screws use a RATCHETED battery drill (NOT hammer type for drilling tiles/concrete). MOST battery drills are equipped with a ratcheted chuck, even my very old super-cheap Tandy (yep Tandy) supplied battery drill. Set the ratchet setting to its lowest setting for your first attempt and increase to higher settings if required.

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