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Can't see files on Transcend

I have 2T Transcend external hard drive in which I stored some files. Surprisingly, when I connected it to my desk top, I couldn't see my files. The only file displayed was RECYCLE.BIN. However, when I checked properties I noticed that the drive had 592GB used space and 1.24TB free space. The RECYCLE.BIN file was 1.02GB. This meant that my files were still in the drive but were not being displayed. I then stored a new file in the drive. The new file was displayed. Please, how can I get my old files displayed?

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Hello @goodname, do you have show hidden files enabled? They could've been hidden somehow!


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Yes. I enabled "show hidden files, folders and drives" in "File Explorer Options", yet I could not see the files. I appreciate your response, thanks


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