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Galaxy S smartphone from S20 family. Featuring a triple camera with AI, Infinity O display, LTE and WiFi 6 with 5G capability. Available in six new colors.

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Is there a hard drive/local storage thing (hard drive ssd micro ssd?)

I recently broke my phone screen and I don't think I'm getting it fixed. Its completely black, however, I know the phone is working perfectly (im getting vibrations, notifs, etc.) I want to take it apart and take the storage drive (if there is one) and try to take the camera data and stuff out of it because that's what I desperately want to preserve.

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connect it to your computer. If your phone does not require a PW or other code you will be able to see the storage - internal and SD. If you use face recognition it might work. Otherwise, you won't be able to get to your internal storage. You can remove an SD card and put it into your computer or another phone. If it is running a backup with Google or Samsung, you can look there.

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