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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's Galaxy A13 Android smartphone, released in March of 2022.

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One UI 5.1 and battery life

Since the last update, my battery gets drained very quickly. I have all of the settings on to optimize. I close apps. I go on local wifi. Is there anything else I can do to make it last through my work day? It used to be 70 - 80% at end of day. Now it is 20 -30%.

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Try shutting down all apps and putting on airplane mode to see if it still depletes fast.

If so, it is a battery/phone issue.

If not, turn off airplane mode and try again.

If so, shut down wifi and try again.

If not, open one app at a time to find the power hog.

You need to eliminate the possibilities.

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I need to run it with 5G/wifi, so I can't leave it in airplane mode or with wifi off. Most times when I look in the battery usage the One UI is the largest hog. Most of my apps, I do not have set to run in the background.


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