Help Needed: Streaming Issues on Intel Evo Laptop

Hello, iFixit community!

I've been encountering some frustrating issues while trying to stream on my Intel Evo laptop, and I'm hoping some of you might be able to offer some guidance. Here's what's been going on:

The Problem: Streaming Troubles I recently purchased an Intel Evo laptop, and it's been a fantastic machine for most tasks. However, when I attempt to stream videos or live content, I run into a variety of issues. These include stuttering video, buffering problems, and sometimes even complete dropouts. It's seriously impacting my streaming experience.

Troubleshooting So Far I've tried a few troubleshooting steps on my own, like checking my internet connection and updating my streaming apps, but the issues persist. I've also ensured that my laptop's drivers and software are up-to-date. Unfortunately, these measures haven't resolved the problem.

The Help I Need I'm turning to this community for help. If anyone has faced similar streaming issues on their Intel Evo laptops or if you have experience resolving streaming-related problems, I'd greatly appreciate any advice or guidance you can offer.

  1. Could there be a hardware limitation that's causing these streaming problems?
  2. Is there any software or third-party tool that might help diagnose and resolve these streaming issues?

Final Thoughts I'm eager to get to the bottom of these streaming issues so that I can fully enjoy the capabilities of my Intel Evo laptop. Your expertise and insights would be invaluable in helping me overcome this hurdle. Please share your thoughts, experiences, or any potential solutions you might have.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!



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Hi @judyesullivan,

What is the model number of the laptop?

What type of connection are you using to the internet, WiFi or Ethernet?

Does it only happen when using the same app/program e.g browser, VLC etc to watch/stream video or any program that can do this?


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