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500 series DSLR camera developed by Nikon. Released in February, 2011.

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Please tell me how to increase the magnification of this camera furthe

Coolpix P500's 36x magnification is not enough for me! I would like more magnification. Please tell me how to increase the magnification further!

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As far as I know unless you want to buy a camera with more magnification you cannot just add it to your camera. However you can add a lens that allows you to have a longer focal length, which means more magnification. The Nikon Coolpix P500 allows you to add different Nikon as well as third party lenses using a 67mm adapter. This video helps with attaching your adapter which is just basically a metal tube. Then you can choose for a lens and here you have a wide variety so you can really choose what is best for you. Good luck ^-^

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So what should I buy?


If you look for “nikon coolpix p500 67mm adapter” you can find various ones which should look like a metal tube (some websites are out of stock). KnF https://www.kentfaith.com/feature_nikon-... should still have one however unfortunately I’m not familiar with Nikon cameras and their compatibility between different camera lines


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