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Fix your 5G Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with these replacement part DIY repair guides.

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Why I can't upgrade my software...?

When i want to upgrade my software it says your phone is up to date but it still in version 12

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According to androidupdatetracker.com

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G latest Android version info

That means you're on the newest version possible and there won't be any further updates.

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I have Android 13 on my Samsung S10 5G.


@ramjet13955 Can you tell us how you got that update? Was it something you had to manually install, or did it come in a standard Samsung update notification?

I realize that the androidupdatetracker site may not be authoritative, so I went to Samsung itself. According to their firmware release page, Android 12 is still the last version offered for the S10 5G.



I am not sure. I think it came on my phone when I purchased it or I could have updated it somewhere along the way. I am 70 years old so the memory is not all there sometime. When I checked my software on the phone it said it was Android 13.


I checked Copilot and it said Android 13 was released in August of 2022.


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