BIOS won't let my TPM 2.0 work.

Recently, my old motherboard burnt, so I had to get a new one. The new one I got had support to TPM, which I found really cool because some games needed TPM in the computer and my other motherboard didn't had support to it. I bought a TPM for my motherboard, and installed it correctly. But, when I was going to enable it in the BIOS, it said enabled but below of that was written "Current Status Information - SUPPORT TURNED OFF" even though it was enabled. I don't know what to do to enable it. In the motherboard, the TPM has its LED on, showing that it's powered. Motherboard is LOG-H61H2-M2.

PS: I use Windows 11, but I installed it from an ISO, because I didn't have a TPM at the moment, and I still don't have an 8th gen CPU.

Block Image

(if the image seems horrible with low quality, open it in a new tab)

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