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Not recognizing battery after coffee spill

I have not inspected the laptop yet, but this is what I know: Coffee was spilled on laptop. It was taken apart and dried/cleaned. I believe rice was used at some point. After putting it back together the laptop works fine on AC, but when using only the battery it will shut off. It does not recognize the battery when running on AC. Battery works fine in another laptop - it's battery does not work in "spilled" laptop.

I suggested disconnecting AC, remove battery and let dry for 4 days. No change. Is it possible that incorrect reassembly could contribute to this? Is it possible that the battery connector has failed? My gut says it's the logic board. I am trying to diagnose this for my daughter and do the fix myself. I have extensive PC experience, but not Mac. I would appreciate your comments and will answer any questions you might have. Thanks!

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When you re-assembled it, did you reconnect the cable for the battery connector?

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I didn't do the work, but this is what I know: They did follow the instructions on this site. They pulled the keyboard to access the inside and saw no visible liquid. Keyboard was dried with compressed air. Battery connector was not disconnected.


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I discovered that after my coffee spill the machine did not recognize the battery. A big X was in the tool bar. I shut it own twice and the third time it fell asleep never to wake again. I read the keyboard should be replaced and I was already to shell out the money as I found one for 30 dollars and I live outside USA for now so I thought I should get it. Then I found another thread about the keyboard cable causing the machine to fall asleep. The forum said they removed the battery when the machine was powered with the adapter. So I thought yeah why not! I removed the battery and the machine went right to the log in screen and started up. So if the tool bar shows an X for battery its the battery.

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