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The SanDisk microSD card is a storage device/medium in the TransFlash/microSD format. The standard ones come in all different capacities, up to 2GB. It was released in October 2001.

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My SanDisk 128GB MicroSD isn't working.

I want to clean it but I don't know what to use.

Can I use this hand gel sanitizer and put it on cotton?

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@aabdllhm - What are you cleaning? Just the plastic shell or the contacts?

Isopropyl alcohol is a safe solvent no matter the percentage. The risk is what else is within it.

Hand sanitizers often have a gel and perfume component which will create streaks and interfere with the signals on the contact

If you are trying to clean for viruses or other germ issue I would just use a reagent quality isopropyl alcohol 80~90% is just fine. For just dirt I find off the shelf kitchen or window cleaner will work followed up with a wipe of isopropyl alcohol to clean off the last bit.

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I'm cleaning both plastic and contacts, I have 70% isopropyl alcohol so no problem right?


@aabdllhm - That should work! Test it on a clean glass plate a few drops is all you need, let it evaporate, did it leave a film? If it did you’ll want to use a damp cloth with water to clean the residual.


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