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The first model of the iMac line of personal computers made by Apple. The iMac G3 was produced between 1998 and 2003.

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No display but showing power on

The display is turning on but showing power on light I haven't opened it cuz I don't know how to do and what to do please help

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There are a few possibilities between a bad CRT, fly back transformer or a bad power supply.

One has to be careful as one can get seriously hurt poking inside. Between the high voltages still present even when turned off and disconnected from the wall as well as glass fragments firing off if you crack the CRT.

Someone with analog TV repair experience might be able to help you.

Do keep in mind the computer industry has moved quite far since this system was discontinued. You’ll have a hard time finding Apps and even the OS versions it supported have long since faded into the distance of time.

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