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any advice or known fix for ERROR 80010017?

when you place a disc in the console it will reconise the game/dvd but when it trys to lanch the game/dvd it displays the error code 80010017.

i have tryed restoring file system, and quick format, currently undergoing a full format.

any ideas?

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seen this fault a few times now, tried chaing the laser and still i recive the error code, but i will try de-activating and re-activeating. seems not many people know much about this fault, but thanks for helping me out !


I fixed it. The system is made in Japan. So don't think American when fixing. Think Asian. If I was a Japanese person which I am a little bit , my biggest reward would be to do something nice for the Asian Queen Princess lady. So Asians believe that NOTHING is ever thrown away, and that everything has a purpose. So delete old files your working on so Japan can work on the problem so one day they can help the Asian Queen Princess lady. So I erased my files and gave them to the big collection of work because Japan loves to work. You should spend some time getting to know the source of your game systems origins. If not interested in Asia, why buy a PlayStation. You could be an enemy. I choose not to be an enemy and be a good person. Asia is the designer of the paths of our entire world spiritually. So I'm moving forward. Thanks for listening. Pkc1977


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chris pitchford, there are firmware issues connected with the error code and I believe that some users have had luck with reactivation. Go into into Account Management ([Friends] [Account Management]), de-activated and then re-activate again. If that does not work and you are having issues with all of your games, it is most likely that you will have to replace your BR drive. It is caused by the BR no reading your disk., Could be a mis-alligned or dirty laser as well as other drive issues.

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Only one of my downloaded games are giving me this error when I try to play it, War Hammer 40000, Space Marine. I have tried de-activating and activating my account permissions. What else can I do?

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