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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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My iPod went through the washing machine! What should I do?

My ipod nano 6th gen went through the washing machine and i tried to plug it in, turn it on and all that. it didnt work.

then i hairdried it, and put my headphones in. the volume buttons made bleeping noises when i pressed them and it looked normal on itunes

the screen has no images on it, though. completley black. PLEASE help!!!!

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Anything could of get wet if you don't know much about fixing it take it to a specialist bu I am going to suggest it will be a right off due to a wet motherboard and LCD


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libbelz, here it is again, just in the link that Jeff Stephens provided to you What you need to do, to get it working again, is to disassemble it using this guide. Clean it according to this guide. Replace the battery after cleaning it. The battery is a bit hard to find and a bit pricey but available here. Rice is a great first aid to pull some of the water out, but it will NOT prevent corrosion, nor will it displace water that accumulates under IC's or even within a case. A hairdryer will not work, it will not dissipate the water out of the iPod. this will only accelerate corrosion and battery issues down the line. there is no magic that will clean it up and prevent damage. The more you turn it on, the greater the damage can become. Good Luck and I do hope this helps.

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Take a look at this question and answer. Until you decide what to do, leave the device off. Turning it on with liquid inside can only make things worse.

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