The current line of iPod Touch comprises six (6) different generations.

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How do you find which generation model it is?

Shattered screen. Don't know if it's 1st or 2nd generation.

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What are the numbers on the back cover of your iPod?


Thanks for your help. Sorry I took so long to say thanks. I just replaced the display and rear face of my iPhone4.


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1st Generation

The first generation iPod touch is differentiated from the second generation by its comparatively flat back and lack of volume controls on the iPod touch itself.

2nd Generation

The second generation iPod touch is differentiated from the first generation by its rounded, contoured design, volume control on the side, and oval-shaped antennae cover in the back upper left corner.

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The 3rd is identical to the 2nd so don't worry. If it has a grey band around the edge of the screen it's a first

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