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Released May 2004. Identified by model number T42 of the ThinkPad T40 series.

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loose contact, doesn't switch on


due to language difficulties and to make sure I`m on the right track, here a specific question about my computer. ( i am a non technician, but am very good at fixing things myself..., so i want to give it a try!)

my IBM think pad doesn't switch on anymore.

I am quite sure it is a loose contact, since it happened several times during the last few monthes that he switched off by itself, when I moved the computer a certain way. I could easily switch it on again by than. that doesn`t work anymore, he will not switch on! The battery lamp is not on anymore either, when I connect it to the ac adapter.

so, do I need to change the motherboard (as described), or do I just need to find the loose connection to connect it back again?

Thank you!


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the whole problem appeared again when i took my laptop on the next trip 8it's been moved around a lot in that time), but I couldn't fix it anymore by opening and cleaning and closing again. After that it did even strange things: switching on for a few seconds, and suddenly switching off again.

What I did then was simply buying the yellow part mentioned in one of the answers to my question in the first place. I changed the 2 parts, and now the laptop is working well and without any problems again. I am very thankful for this solution after wanting to give up a few times in the process of repairing my laptop and encountering a few problems.

Thanks so much for this lovely page and possibility to get help!!!


@Almuth, great job in getting it fixed. the credit should go to rj713. Just upvote his answer, since it was the one that helped the most. The upvote will give credit where credit is due :-) Again, great job in getting it fixed.


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Here is a link to service manual for your computer. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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Thank you!

I've been looking through the manual, and couldn't find what I need. It's definetly non of the described power system symptoms, and yet it is a power system problem. It doesn't run with or without ac adapter, not with or without battery, even so it is charged, and it doesn't charge the battery.

So it must be the connection between the power input and the system board, that's my diagnosis.

What do you think about it?

Thank you!



Here is a link to the part between the power brick and the system board. Before ordering check and see if the connection has pulled loose from the motherboard.



okay. For now my laptop is working again, hopefully that will last!

With the help of the manual, I opened the computer (was nervous! did it the first time!), and got all the FRUs out until I reached the motherboard and the connection point. Of course, I didn't see anything, but cleaned the laptop from dust with a brush. Disconnected and reconnected the power input to the motherboard, put everything together again - and, I was so happy that he did start again!

Thanks for the help!

I might be still needing to change the above mentioned part or even the motherboard, if I did not fix the problem. I'll see this within the next days. And keep you up to date! Otherwise I might now someone who could possibly braze something.


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