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Problem with downloading CD's


When I download some CD's on itunes 10 instead of them all appearing togther in 1 CD listing they appear in 2 or more. For example one listing may have the album artwork and tracks 1-10 while track 11 appears in another listing without any artwork.

Is there anyway I can move them so that they are in one place and the tracks play consecutively as on the original CD.


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Left click (or Ctrl+click, or "trackpad fingers click"), menu "Informations" (or "Info", I've not got an English version of iTunes handy), submenu "Info", and modify the ID3 tags so every song has the same album, author and composer. Place the right track number in the menu.

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Hi Stefano, thanks for the answer, much appreciated!


Guess it depends from the internet database used: I recently (since I'm paranoid about slot-in readers and scratches) made AAC out of my premium CD to listen them on iTunes and iPod, and with some CDs, mostly game novelties I had the same issue. I fixed that by manually rearranging the tags.


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