Wifi is getting weaker

The wifi only works if I am within i meter of a wifi source. Can this be repaired? I have tried restoring all the software and upgrading but the problem is the same.

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I have seen quite a few of these with bad wifi, and there seems to be no reasonable soultion, maybe it's just a faulty part, but it seems to be a chronic problem with some of the first generation iPod touches.

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As the owner of one of these I have to agree. I hope it is not something different in the code of the latest firmware upgrade that is impacting the wifi somehow. I pulled mine apart and tried cleaning contacts and so on and have gotten back 75 % power one day and zero strength the next. Then I fool around with connections and resets some more and sort of get it working again - for awhile.

I even went the drastic root and soldered the plastic u shaped antenna to the copper circle land and thought I had solved the issue finally. But weak signal came back after running it for about 4 hrs listening to Pandora. (I went the drastic root because the tab on the antenna broke off and unfortunately no one supplies a new antenna and I wish they would).

I also think there is something to the gold crimp clip and somehow it supplies a "Ground Plane" for the antenna? But not sure. I am not a antenna expert.

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