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The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) was released in October 2020 and is the successor to the Oculus Quest.

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Controllers not pairing & Screen freeze

I recently got this Meta Quest 2 from a friend of mine and it has been used, he said that he used to set it by his window, when turned on it asks for the controllers to be paired, and along with that the screen would move then freeze for 3-4 seconds then move again, so I replaced the cameras (the controllers weren't able to pair before this) reassembled and continued to have this freezing problem. I tested the controllers with another Quest and they worked perfectly fine and were able to connect smoothly so there must be a problem with the actual device itself. I was hoping someone could direct me to a solution or a fix to these problems.

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If your Meta Quest 2 controllers aren't pairing and you're experiencing screen freeze, try restarting the headset, ensuring the controllers have fresh batteries, and re-pairing them through the Oculus app. If the issue persists, you may need to contact Meta support for further assistance.

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