PS3 slim(CECH-3004B) takes in disc, spins, doesn't read BD,CD or DVD

Original title: "PS3 slim(CECH-3004B) takes in disc, spins it but nothing shows, neither for BD,DVD or CD. Replace whole drive? Laser? Ideas?"

As title shows, I recently got a PS3 slim, CECH-3004B. But I am puzzled as to what to do.

As as I see and hear, it takes the disc in. Then another sound as if it slots it somewhere else? Spins the discs but nothing shows up. I also tried CDs to see if maybe the laser just doesn't have enough power for BD, but that also isn't reading.

I've thought about replacing the entire drive, but is it easy for 3004? I see some say I need to transfer the board, others that I can just put a completely different drive and be fine?

Only found conflicting information.

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