Can I upgrade this laptop to take osx lion?

Hi i wish to upgrade my laptop to osx lion i am currently running snow leopard version 10.6.8 my memory is 2gb 667 Mhz DDr2 sdram, my processor is 2ghz intel core duo

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You can't upgrade a core duo to Lion. In fact it won't install on some core 2 duos. Some users have tried to change the processor but I believe the best solution if you want Lion is to sell your computer and buy one that will take Lion.

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+ Even if there was a work around it would slow your system down, cost you hours of headache and the desire to bring your system back to where it is.


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I have been researching this and it seems there are 2 programming edits that allow a 32bit version of lion to load and run on core duo machines in developer mode....It is reported that an external Hard Drive pre-loaded with 7.5 and chosen as the startup disk will run in verbose mode or on a virtual PC drive like parallel desktops.There are instructions on several links you can google. I have yet to attempt this on my identical MBP as some users reported earlier OS updates froze some built in applications.

It would be nice to sync my other machines and iphone through icloud but I'm waiting for a more stabile edit. That's all I found to date.

Have fun fixing and finding more value in your electronics.


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The developer mode was to help developers transition from Snow Leopard to Lion as well as test there 32bit code under Lion before they built clean 64bit apps for Lion. It was not intended to run full time on these older systems.


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