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Why is my volume gone?

Alright, so I dropped my iphone in a thing of water (I know, this could be the problem) but every thing still works perfectly except my volume.

It does not even give me the option to turn it up or down anymore, and when I go to my music, the volume bar is completely gone. I keep pressing the up and down buttons, but nothing is working.

Any idea? Or did I really just short it out?

Also, when I plug my headphones in it does not work either. No sound at all.

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Tonya, you do want to clean your iPhone properly. You might just run into corrosion problems later on if you do not take care of it. Good luck.


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Replace power volume lock button flex cable.

$8 from www.iphonepartsaustralia.com

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Ah, thank you. My sound came back now, but it's only working with headphones. I put it in rice, and it at least made that come back.


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Sometimes when an iPhone is dropped in water it gets tricked into thinking that the headphones are always in. What I have done to fix similar problems in the past is to take a q-tip and gently stick it in the headphone jack and clean the inside. Hope this helps.

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