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iPhone automatically turns off and starts when connected to power sour


I have purchased my iphone 4 just 3 months back and from last 1 month facing the problem with it. My iphone automatically gets turn off and wont start up untill it is connected to power source even when its battery is full.

I updated the firmware from ios 5.0.1 to 5.1 but it also didn't worked. I am really screwed with it. I have searched on internet for it fixed but didn't get one. On youtube i found some of the persons were facing same problem like i did but there iphone starts up when holding power and home butten together for about 10 sec or more. But when i applied this to my iphone this method didnt worked for me. There is no warrenty coverage on my iphone so i cannot also replace it. Please if have any solution help me. Dont mind for my english as it is bad. You can also contact me on my email- mj20122010@gmail.com or mehuljain1994@gmail.com

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Sorry, my mistake i have types iphone 3 i have made corrections.


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Mehul, if you already tried the firmware update, and if you tried a reset and it does not work, replace the battery.

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i've iphone 4 and faced the same problem today. i pressed the home button alongwith the power button for 10 seconds and it switched on. i hope it'll work for u as well..


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