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It has an identical design as the WONDERBOOM 2. It is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance. Just like previous Wonderbooms, it is capable of floating in water. It still uses a micro USB charging connection!

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UE Wonderboom 3 Battery dead and not charging

My UE Wonderboom recently died but wont charge anymore, I’ve tried multiple different chargers so I’m pretty certain its the Wonderboom’s battery which is the problem. I’ve seen a few different tricks such as putting it in the freezer for a while or plugging it in for just a few seconds over and over until it starts up. UE only suggests resetting the device but it needs to be on to do so which is absolutely no help. Does anyone have any suggestions? I cant find anyone who will repair a wonderboom speaker near me.

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@sopdop "Wonderboom’s battery which is the problem" the best would be to replace the battery. Here is how to do that UE WONDERBOOM 3 Battery Replacement Instructions Once you replace the battery, time to reevaluate the charging situation. You do need to check the USB port since those are definitely the prime suspect.

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