24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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Blemish, Spots, perhaps Dust in left lower Corner...

After using my LED Display for about one year, those dark spots appeared in the left lower corner.

I tried to clean it and removed the front glass panel, because i thought they were on the backside of the panel.

They were not.

This dust-blemish or whatever it is, appears to be at the INSIDE of the LCD part. Anyway, I think before I am going any further with my cleaning tasks, i should ask, if someone had a similar problem and maybe have some ideas to solve it?

A picture of my display is there:


I'm grateful for any help! thanks in advance!

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hi there, same problem here (see the link to the picture). the dust problem is mostly described in the imacs. but i think it's the same on the acd. the cause is dust inside the panel may be because of a sealing problem between led panel and backlight. looks like a design flaw. the problem and a possible solution is described and discussed extensively on the macrumors forum: link

you should definitely inform apple even if you are out of guaranty.

good luck


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Apple says

"If you suspect your display contains a high number of pixel anomalies, take your Apple product to an Apple Authorized Service Provider for closer examination. There may be a charge for the evaluation." for Displays prior to '10, for products post '10. You can enter your sn# at Apple Support and see if there are any silent recalls or extended warranties for your product and problem. OTHERWISE you'd have to replace the LED display to solve the problem.

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Thanks for reply! My Display is out of warranty and there are no recalls for it. The Display has no dead pixels or anything, it must be kind of dirt or dust. I think so, because in the display is a fan near that place, maybe this fan blows the dust in the LCD?


That's a possibility. Only you can determine if it's enough of a problem to warrant dismantling and cleaning.


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