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Nissan unveiled the seventh generation Sentra in August 2012. The new Sentra is completely redesigned inside and out but is a rebadged Chinese and Japanese market Sylphy.

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Why doesn't my a/c blow cold air?

I've had the car for about a year now and whenever it's slightly warm outside my a/c will fluctuate between blowing hot air to blowing slightly less hot air but never actually cool or cold air. I thought it needed to be recharged but when I hooked up the gauges and can of refrigerant to it the gauge said it was already fully charged. Any advice is greatly appreciated because it's already starting to warm up in California again and I'm not sure my wife or I can survive another summer of the devil blowing air in our faces while we drive around. Thanks in advance.

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I can try to help you remotely fix this issue or at the very least diagnose what might be going on. As with anything the devil is in the details and while i don't rely on my customers or friends to tell me all the details about their car. It is fairly important when asking online for help that the following items be included in your details about the problem.

  1. Make of car ( Nissan )
  2. Model of car ( Sentra )
  3. Trim or Package ( EX, LS, or any of those types of indicators )
  4. Date of manufacture ( This can be located by opening the drivers door and finding the identifying sticker ) This is pretty important.
  5. The Engine size another important detail.

The first thing to know with AC is the gauges that you get on the cans from the automotive stores are junk. Straight junk - don't rely on them to troubleshoot anything they are dummy gauges that in my opinion should not even be sold.

There will be a sticker under your hood that gives you the details you need to know about the charge of your AC system. It will tell you exactly the amount and type of refrigerant that your system requires to run properly.

A 2013 Nissan Sentra's air conditioning (AC) system requires 16 ounces of R-134a refrigerant ( Verify This Vs The Sticker )

As with any AC work I do I have specific equipment you probably are not going to have. A capture device, a vacuum pump as well as multiple sets of gauges. The most important tool is the gauges. You can order a set here for fairly cheap about $65.

Harbor Freight

However before you buy anything let us do a basic test and you report the results back to me.

First - There is a fuse located in the fusebox in the engine compartment labeled AC/Comp is should be a 10A fuse. Pull that sucker out and verify that it is good and not blown.

Clutch Testing

  1. Pop the hood and locate the AC compressor on your vehicle, This will have the two rubber lines with metal connectors on it. It is driven by the serpentine belt on the car so you should be able to see it on the left side of the engine where the pulleys are located. might be at the lower front. It will look like the image below.

Block Image

  1. Once you have located it, have a friend or significant other start the vehicle with everything off.
  2. Once the vehicle comes to the idle position have them activate the AC and turn it to full.
  3. You should hear the clutch on the AC compressor kick on and start to run. You will also see the clutch engage on the front of the pulley if you are in a position to view it with a flashlight. ( Be careful not to get to close to the serpentine belt. Safety First )
  4. Do you hear the clutch kicking on and off and cycling? or does the car remain the same no increase in idle and no clutch kicking on?

Report Back I know i was long winded but I wanted to make sure I explained as much as I could.



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