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Fix your 5G Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with these replacement part DIY repair guides.

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My phone fastly overheats (like 3 to 5 minutes it's normal then lags)

can anyone please help me I'm currently using my old phone and it's pain in the butt it's such a downgrade it's so hard to used. I used my Samsung for my everyday life this happened before and it happened again!

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@apl42780do you feel any heat? Does it get hot on the back, front, top bottom?


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Hi Apl,

Due to the nature of batteries and chargers, three outcomes are possible here:

  1. The simplest one - a process (or multiple) is overusing your phone's resources and your battery.
  2. Faulty charger or charging port - A charger and a charging port can generate heat due to compatibility issues. I would advise trying a new charger here or (as a last resort) attempting to replace the charging port.
  3. This one is unlikely, but can still happen - A faulty battery. Batteries can inflate and wear down over time, especially if it was used a lot back in their heyday. If none of these work, I would advise you to try to replace the battery

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@arandomhitman if you do not add any instructions on the how-to you sound like a ChatBot answer :-) How to replace the charging port? How to replace the battery? Look at it this way. Let's make iFixit Answers a One-Stop-Shop. WE try and determine what to check, how to check and how to replace it. That way any OP will get their question completely answered.


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