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What part is this and where can I get it?

After the Power and Lock Button was not working anymore (does not 'klick' anymore) i decided to disassemble my iPhone to take a closer look because Apple said it cost about 200 Euro to repair and thats too much.

So i end up with this here:


As you might see, the button itself is ok but the other 'thing' is broken.

i mean this part here

iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

The part on Step 23.

So can anyone tell my which part this is and where i can get it?

(sry for my bad english, im from Germany :P )

Thank you.

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You will need the power button flex replaced, and the part on the step 23 is the power button holder/braket it should be still attached to the old flex that you replaced.

Search for iphone 4 power button flex

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Ok Thank you.

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