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Replaced cracked screen, reasembled and it work for a little

I replaced my broken screen on my ipod touch. i reassembled it and it worked. The home button was a little off so i took it apart which was easy. Fixed the button reassembled it and now it wont come back on. Im pretty sure i gave it a kiss of death but can anyone suggest anything?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi omar,

It seems to me that the home button flex cable is not rightly adjusted after you fixed it.

Just check the two holes of the home button flex cable which need to be congruent with the holes of the metal holder the flex cable is glued to (see the manual for the iPod touch 4G, step 5).

An effective method to successfully re-adjust the flex cable is to loosen it and to use a toothpick. Take the toothpick and put it through one of the two holes of the flex cable and through the corresponding hole of the metal holder. Now partially push this part of the flex cable onto the metal holder. Then do the same with the other hole before you finally push/glue the rest of the flex cable to the holder.

Sure, it could be that you gave your iPod a kiss of death. But I would try to re-adjust this flex cable first. Your iPod might still be alive!


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hey thanks that seems to have fix it. The only bad thing is i bought a verizon iphone to replaced my ipod. oh well thanks again.

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