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the Bluebird Sylphy G10 (N16) was sold as the Sunny Neo in Thailand and as the Sunny in Hong Kong, Kenya, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the People's Republic of China.

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Why does the 2005 Nissan Sunny vibrate excessively when slowing down?

Why does the 2005 Nissan Sunny vibrate excessively when slowing down?

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Hi @omaralmelhem

Does it do this when applying the brakes or just taking the foot off the accelerator?

Does the steering wheel shake or is it the body of the car?

If the body is it in the front or the back?


it happens when applying the brake.

the steer didn't shake.


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The most common reason for a car to shake when slowing down is a warped front rotor. The best thing you can do to resolve this issue is to take the front rotors to a brake or tire shop or even some auto part stores and ask them to turn the rotors. They will use a special brake lathe to flatten the rotors back into specifications and the vibration should go away. Without further description this is the best guess i can give you. Alternate items that could also cause undo vibration when braking would be loose inner or outer tie rod or issues with bearings.

A failing tie rod end can be dangerous and continuous driving of the vehicle without repair can start to effect other aspects of the front end.



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