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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Trackpad feels off after battery replacement.

Okay, replaced the battery about a week ago, after 1519 cycles.

New battery is great, works as intended.

But the trackpad is different. It's hard to explain, but it just feels wrong. Everyone else says it feels fine. But like, basically 9 years of using it, I notice it very clearly.

Trackpad also seems a little less responsive, mouse sometimes doesn't respond like it used to.

No, the trackpad ribbon cable is not damaged. The trackpad is not at an odd angle, it is sitting perfectly flat. The battery is not constricting the cable.

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Are you sure the trackpad cable is okay? It isn’t uncommon for the cable to visually look okay but still be damaged. I would start with Reseating all the connectors and then replace the cable because they aren’t terribly expensive.


@thequacker - I can re-check it, I do know that this issue only started after the battery was swapped. So if it was damaged, it was while replacing the battery. If I was able to I would happily try using another cable and seeing if it preforms different, but I don't have any for my model.

I do have a bunch of A1466 MacBook Airs though, but hey, cable compatibility is probably not possible with it.


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This series uses a haptic engine "Force Touch" not much can effect it physically when replacing the battery. Could you have over done the adhesive remover? Some could have found it’s way in.

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Not even possible in this case, as well. No adhesive remover was used.


@danj - Forgot to give more context! Here's what I did while replacing the battery in what's basically a step-by-step.


1. Removed backplate.

2. Disconnect Battery.

3. Disconnect trackpad ribbon cable (the side closest to trackpad)

4. Removed metal cover covering the other end of the trackpad ribbon and a speaker port.

5. Disconnected both trackpad and speaker.

6. Disconnect other speaker.

7. Remove first speaker.

8. Remove second speaker.

9. Gently remove battery. (Turns out the old adhesive was horrible, I was literally able to just pick the battery up and remove it with nearly zero resistance.)

10. Remove the left over adhesive. (Was literally able to scrape it off with a plastic flat end tool.)

11. Take the covering that covers the adhesive on the new battery off.

12. Put battery in.

13. Confirm that it is sitting 100% flat and not uneven.

14. Put speakers back.

15. Attach trackpad ribbon cable.

16. Reconnect speaker cables.

17. Put back protective metal cover for speaker and trackpad cable.

18. Connect battery.

19. Put backplate on again.


@computermoth - Given how easy it was to remove, is it possible this was the second battery and you added the third? It might not have been you who did the solvent.

Its also possible the adhesive crumb from your scrapping dropped into the haptic engine gumming it up.

[]br]While a pain to do now, you might want to take the trackpad fully out and give the haptic engine a clean.


@danj - It is the first battery, never been replaced, at least, not as far as I know. I do have a picture of the battery's info from system reports right before I replaced it if that might be useful. (I can also snap a photo of the new one's stats for compare.)


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