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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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What is this flex cable called and is it replaceable?

When trying to pry up the screen to do a battery replacement, it was so hard to get it to start moving I had to keep heating it more and more and press harder and harder and then suddenly the blade slipped into the watch and cut through this cable which is directly beside the Taptic Engine, at the top edge of the watch body.

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I can't find this cable in any of the listings of flex cables for the Series 4. So I'm fearful that it might mean it's a permanent irreplaceable part of the motherboard.

BTW the watch still seems to function, but I can't get it to pair, so maybe it's lost bluetooth or wifi or both...

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The cable serves RF purpose, it connects from the board to the antenna on the taptic engine.

The board end of the cable is soldered onto the board, advanced soldering required to replace it.

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Thanks Tom!

I guess this watch (Series 4, 40mm Stainless) will just go in the trash bin then! 😞

Such a shame that it’s so easy to destroy the watch with the tool that iFixit sends out!


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