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Oven still not working after replacing circuit board

The oven beeps every so often I replaced the circuit board and it is still doing the same thing. This is a Maytag double oven model number MEW6630DDB

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Hi @heather610,

Have you checked that both the fuses for the oven in the household power box are OK?

The oven requires 240V AC to work so there should be 2 fuses designated for the oven power in the house power box.


No I haven’t checked the fuses but will find out where they are located then check them. Thanks for responding to my question.



Hopefully the oven fuses in the house power box were removed (or circuit breakers tripped) before and whilst you were changing the control board.

There's exposed lethal AC voltage on the control board so you would need to be extra careful where you placed your fingers when handling the board inside the oven when it was still connected there.

It is safer to always disconnect the power before attempting any repairs on appliances i.e. either unplug it or remove the fuses if it is hard wired.


Yes the circuit breakers were turned off before we placed the control board. I guess the control board wasn’t the problem because it’s still beeping and acting the same way it done before we replaced the control board.


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Hi @heather610,

Try testing the oven's temperature sensor.

I don't know what its resistance value is but it should not test open circuit i.e. OL or infinite Ohms shown on a DMM (digital multimeter)

I can't find the service sheet for the oven but with some other ovens, they will not start if the sensor is faulty as there's no way then that the control board can regulate the heat, but usually an error code is displayed, maybe the beeps are used in your oven instead, I don't know.

The parts supplier link above is useful as it has a video that shows how to access the sensor so that you can test if it is OK or not. It also lists the manufacturer's part number for the sensor as well.

If the sensor is faulty, search online for the manufacturer's part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

If the sensor is OK, the you may have to check that the 240V supplies i.e. 2 x 120V are getting to the oven's control board.

Here's the wiring diagram for the oven. I realize that it shows a different model number but it is also applicable to your model.

I'm assuming that the L1 feed is OK because the oven control board is beeping but you may have to check if the L2 feed is OK.

The L2 feed connects to the control board's yellow P1 plug pin 1 and the green P2 plug pin 1. Check if you measure 120V AC at those points.

Check the LI feed also just in case - white P10/1 and black P9/1.

Be safety aware as you are testing for lethal voltages. If you don't know how to do this safely, then don't do it! Call an electrician or oven repair service.

If both the voltages are OK at the control board, then either the replacement board is also faulty or it's something else.

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