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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Mac Mini Late 2012 bank 2 RAM slot went bad randomly

I recently purchased a Late 2012 Mac Mini from ebay. It came with 4gb ram and no hard drive. I put in an SSD and put in 8gb ram (2x4gb). It booted fine and I installed catalina onto it unti I shut it off after about 2 hours of use and now whenever I turn it on it with a stick in bank 2 it gives me the three beeps. I've tried different RAM DIMM's but to no avail. the socket looks ok. I was careful during the drive install. Device booted fine proabably 2-3 times before this became an issue. Logic board failure? Any answers would be appreciated. In the meantime device works fine with 1x4gb stick in the top slot (I am writing this on the Mac Mini) but it would be nice to get my 8gb back. Thanks

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You know you can install a single 8GB SO-DIMM. I have the exact same system which I installed Two 8GB to get 16GB but one will also work!

Repairing the RAM carrier frame will likely require replacement which could end up leaving you with a bigger mess. I would just use a bigger SO-DIMM and call it a day.

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Update: I actually got the slot to work again after just pressing down on the right side with my finger as the power button was pressed. Device booted and now shows 8gb!!!

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