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Available from September, 2011. Display - 800 x 1280 pixels, 9.4 inches. Chipset - 1GHz Nvidia Tegra. 5MP Camera. Android OS, v3.1 (Honeycomb), upgradable to v4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

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My sony tablet s is open the the apps without even touching..

Tablet operates with its own without even touching

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Hi Marilyn, Here are some things you can try to fix your Sony Tablet S opening apps by itself:

  • Restart the Tablet: A simple restart can sometimes clear up software glitches that might be causing the problem.
  • Safe Mode: Booting into safe mode temporarily disables third-party apps. If the issue goes away in safe mode, it suggests a culprit app. Here's how to enter safe mode (the method might vary slightly depending on your specific model):
    1. Power off the tablet completely.
    2. Hold down the volume down button while pressing the power button to turn it back on.
    3. You should see "Safe mode" displayed in the corner of the screen.
    4. If the problem doesn't occur in safe mode, uninstall recently installed apps one by one until you identify the problematic one.
  • Touchscreen Calibration: In some cases, the touchscreen might be miscalibrated, leading to phantom touches. Check your tablet's settings menu for touchscreen calibration options (if available).
  • App Updates: Outdated apps can sometimes cause unexpected behavior. Update all your apps from the Play Store to ensure they're on the latest version.
  • Clean the Screen: A dirty or dusty screen can sometimes interfere with the touchscreen's functionality. Try cleaning the screen with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Check for System Updates: Make sure your tablet's operating system is up to date. Outdated firmware can have bugs that might cause touchscreen issues.

If none of these steps work, it's possible there's a hardware issue with the touchscreen itself.

(Formatted, not written, By ChatGPT ‑4o)

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