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Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

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Why is my printer cannot print after I re-fill the ink in the tank?

My printer still read that the ink cartridge has no ink, even after I refill the tank with the proper ink.

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@artefil There is no resetter for the WIC on this model, nor chipped tanks. This model uses a NVRAM flag for the waste ink counter. The later ET models have a chipped pad, none of the early models ever did as Epson retrofitted them and disabled the chip detection. You need to use WIC reset or find the leaked Epson internal tools. I downvoted your answer due to severe errors and a refusal to correct them.

The ET-L series is an early model before Epson switched them to a serviceable waste ink pad they refer to as the maintenance box, which is just a swappable waste ink tank with a chip. These older models use an NVRAM counter that counts from the motherboard level rather than the chip found on "maintenance box" models. The only way to reset the waste ink counter is to use a tool like the WIC reset tool or the leaked Epson programs when it occurs, but that's less common these days, and WIC reset is the only option. Epson either sealed the leakers or went to the cloud to mitigate leaks in the program. If the paper and ink lights are cycling, the issue is with the waste ink pad counter, not the ink levels.

If you want to be sure, the trial will let you check the counter percentage in NVRAM, so you'll know for sure. That's usually the issue with many modern Epson machines with the reduced waste ink pad design since 2010.

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On your cartridge you've got a chip. These chip is giving your printer the information about the ink level, and number of pages you're able to print with.

Refilling your cartridge is not resseting the chip. You must say to the printer you're using a full one. The printer can't guess you refill it, for the printer the cartridge is still empty.



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These are ink tank printers, not based on chipped carts. EcoTank printers use bulk ink.


Seems it exist a resetter for your printer ink level

Have you check the waste ink pad, maybe full ?


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