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The Galaxy J6, released in 2018, is the successor to the Galaxy J5.

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Why isn't my wireless connection working?

Whenever I turn my wifi/Bluetooth/hotspot on the phone does not even sense the nearby device,as it does not scan any devices I can't even connect with any wireless connection nor with wifi nor with bluetooth headphones & nor do i m able to start hotspot. What problem is it facing? Pls help

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Hi Navjot! I would love to help you with your issue.

I have a couple reasons why it may not be working right.

Reason 1: Your phone has a issue with the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, and you can get it fixed.

Reason 2: Something to do with you software, like a recent update, or needing to install correct drivers.

You can find the drivers by searching online or going to the Samsung website.

I hope this helps.

Have a great day!

Gilchrist Dean.

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Hi 🌟Navjot Singh🌟, I hope your having a Glorious day. Let's have a look on your problem, it says

[Your Samsung Galaxy J6 is not able to sense any nearby device's, it goes for Bluetooth, hotspot, Wi-Fi.]

I am sorry to hear about your malfunctioning device, I will try my best to solve this issue. Following are some possible cause and solution to your issue:


  • Invalid or erased address

* The Wi-fi/MAC or Bluetooth address might have been erased or become invalid.

  • Insufficient app permissions (its true)

* The Wi-fi/Bluetooth might be force closing due to insufficient permissions to launch certain system level apps.

  • Corrupted APK's or Files (not virus)

* The Wi-fi or Bluetooth system app's file might have got corrupted or missing.

  • Third party app interference

* Third party that call themselves as Wi-fi or Bluetooth management apps might be interfering with your system. Example: Babel Fonts apk.

  • Temporary OS ERROR

* This is a very common issue, your OS might have got some minor issue (not to worry about) (SOLUTIONS ARE GIVEN DOWN)

  • Connection Timeout

* If no Bluetooth or Wi-fi devices have been detected within the timer set, your Bluetooth or Wi-fi automatically goes off. (SET IT TO A REASONABLE TIME)

  • Hardware issue

* It might happen that the problem lies under the transmitter or receiver OR The I.C (integrated circuit) or the motherboard might have got damaged or are just dusty.


  • Check your Bluetooth and Wi-fi / MAC addresses

* Re-write them if empty

  • Reboot your phone

* This helps clear temporary OS issues

  • Enable GPS / Location access

* You might have disabled them on system level. Try enabling them as they are way more crucial and just more than Google Map. HERE IS HOW YOU DO IT -> Settings -> Location access (REMEMBER TO ALLOW YOUR LOCATION ACCESS TO APPS THAT ARE USED TO USE THEM AND NOT SOME FAKE AND UNWANTED APPS.)

  • Uninstall third-party apps

* Uninstall all third party Bluetooth and Wi-fi management apps you have got.

  • Reset app permission

* Go to settings -> Apps -> All -> Press menu button -> Reset app permissions

  • Reset network settings

* Go to settings -> General management -> Reset -> Reset network settings. This will reset all the Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections on your phone.


* If none of the above solutions work then the only left and the best solution (because it fixes everything at one click) is FACTORY RESET, don't worry because it's a sketchy and scary word for some people. But this process only takes about 1-2min and about more 10 - 15 min for final recovery and syncing.

I really look forward for your phone to get fixed as soon as possible and I would really like to know that your phone got fixed once you comment down and inform us. If you have any more doubt or you want to clarify anything else, I am always available for you at any cost on IFIXIT.com. If you liked my answer and it helped you fix your problem, kindly chose it has an answer as it really encourages me. Thank you for reading till here, I really hope you have a 🌟wonderful day🌟 💫Bye💫

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