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Wine refrigerators, also known as wine coolers, are specialized appliances designed to preserve and enhance the quality of wines.

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Magic Chef MCWC50DBT no longer cooling

The power is on but it's no longer chilling. Is there any fix for it? The company says it's too old for them to fix.

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Hi @kay212909

Check if the compressor is running i.e. is it warm to the touch or ambient temperature.

If it isn't running then it is either a control board problem or a temperature sensor problem.

If the fan is not running it is a sensor problem.

If the fan is running it may be a start relay problem. The start relay should be mounted near to the compressor. Can't find the part number for it unfortunately but it may be on the component itself.

The control board part number is SF-WB-3/CM and the temp sensor is D165P04A.04.

I can't find any of the above parts online however as all suppliers I checked show no longer available.

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Hi!! Thank you so much for the information. It doesn't feel warm on the exterior but rather ambient I would guess. I hear the machine running slightly but I'm not sure the fan is working. The instruction manual doesn't seem to give any information about the start relay unfortunately. Some of the interior wall has broken off but I dont think that would hinder it's cooling ability...or would it?



You should be able to "feel" if the compressor is running or not although if it isn't at least warm (not hot) then most probably it isn't.

The machine "running" may be the vibrations from the fan.

Here's a link to parts for a very similar model (MCWC50DST which may hopefully use the same parts.

The start relay is part #31 as seen on the diagram and it is a part # P6R8MD (supplier example only to show what part looks like)

Once you have found it (hopefully it is in the same location as shown in the diagram, check what part number is shown on it and then search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you.

Depending on the cost (incl. shipping) it may be worthwhile replacing it and check if that resolves the problem.

Parts of the interior wall being broken off will hinder its cooling ability because the lining is used in conjunction with the insulation between the lining and the outer cabinet to keep it cool inside at the required temp.

Most probably what will happen is that the compressor and fan will have to work harder to maintain the correct temp so they will eventually wear out sooner than designed for and also this will increase power costs due to longer and more often running times


@kay212909 leave it unplugged for at least an hour or two. Gain access to the compressor. Then, once you do and you make sure the compressor is cool, plug it in, and listen to the compressor. What does it do? Does it do nothing? Does it hum the you hear a slight click and the humming stops? Can you see the data tag on the compressor and get the model number off it? Reason I ask is that for a large percentage of the time, the start components failed. If you hear a hum, then click, then nothing from the compressor there's a few causes. 1: compressor has seized up. Or 2: start components have failed. The model of the compressor is important because you can look up the horsepower of the compressor and get a 3 in 1 start kit from supco. Since parts availability seems to be an issue, this may be the way to go. They're normally cheap. Like under $20 cheap. And easy to wire in. Without knowing exactly what is doing what or not doing what I can only speculate on possible problems going off most common.


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