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Compatibility of micro SATA (usata, msata) adapter?

I have a micro SATA SSD with an adapter to normal SATA. I pulled this from one of my other MAC's wanting to speed up my mini but once installed it's invisible....

Anybody got a clue why?

-Stock 80gb drive works

-SSD not seen by disc installation setup

-SSD not seen by OSX when booted from USB drive

-SSD IS seen when put in a SATA docking station connected through USB


-uSATA adapter model: http://eu.startech.com/Cables/Drive/Micr...

Thanks for any suggestions!!

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Does the drive have four jumper pins on it?


Nope, no pins... just the sata data/power ports. Thanks for thinking with me :-)


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Your hard drive may have a faster speed than this older MacMini can see. I think yours will see up to 1.5 Gb. Yours may be running at 3 GB. Usually all this requires is to use the jumpers to slow it down but as yours has no jumpers, it may not be able to be used in your machine. I would contact the manufacturer.

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Nico, did you ever get sorted I have same issue with my macbook pro :(

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