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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by GE, an engineering and technology company in the US.

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Why is my washer washing but not draining or spinning?

GE model# GTW335ASN2WW washer, My washer will wash but not drain and spin….how do I fix it?

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Hi @summermayers

It could be a faulty drain pump but perhaps it may be better to check what error codes are being displayed first by entering the Consumer Error mode state.

Alternatively if there are no errors being displayed then run the Field Service Mode checks and see what error code is being shown.

Here's the mini manual for the washer that will help.

Scroll down to the bottom of p.2 to view the operating procedure to enter the washer's Consumer error mode and the Field Service Mode.

The error codes and their possible causes are listed on p.1

If you do find the problem and it's a part the needs replacing, here's the parts list which is useful.

Once you have located the wanted part, you'll find that the manufacturer's part number for the part, is listed with it. Search online for the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

If you're not sure how to replace the part, if you search on YouTube for (insert part number) replacement sometimes there are videos that show how to do it.

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