When I plug drive in my entire computer starts freezing and lagging

Whenever I plug the drive-in the computer starts freezing and lagging the file explorer will not open without freezing, the entire computer becomes slow, and other applications won't respond, I've tested it on another computer where the drive shows up but the amount of storage on the drive doesn't show up and clicking on the drive leads to file explorer not responding, please help I have a lot of stuff on the drive that I didn't back up

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Did you encrypt the drive?

Is the Drive Full?

Have you run Chkdsk?

Have you scanned the drive for viruses / rootkits?

Disallow autorun and try the above... i.e. is there free space remaining? Run CHKDSK [Drive Letter]: /f (at dos prompt substituting the Letter of the WD for[Drive Letter]) and try scanning the drive for viruses. if you gain access you may want or need to delete some files there must be sufficient free space for optimal function good to keep about 10% free, if it reaches 0% you will probably lose access to the data.


I know there is over 100 GB of free space, and I cannot run check the drives for errors or run Chkdsk because plugging the drive in immediately makes my computer inoperable until I unplug the drive


Can you do so on a different computer? From a DOS prompt? What OS and version are you running?


@uchetil other computer is lead to a similar result of freezing and lagging shortly after plugging the drive-in, and I am unfamiliar with DOS prompts


What operating system? Do you know how to access your BIOS settings?


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