This Power Mac G4 has Mirrored Drive Doors.

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I have a problem whit Mac os x 10.4 install.

Before finishing the installation it throws a message that he says that I provoke a problem during the installation. I did reset to the NVRAM, alone after-taste the memory RAM of factory, made it run in sure way and throw a mistake like this: RELEASE_PPC, i remove the RAM that is not of factory and now it throws a mistake of installation that says something as:

BootFatalError-cpio read error: bad file format

Install failed: algunos archivos de essentials pueden no estar bien escritos

thank you for the help. Ronny.

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The cpio is usually found with UNIX. Are you trying to install 10.6?

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I try not even to another system disk, to check that I have in the install no problem, it may be the disc? may be the battery of logic board?, reset PMU have not, thanks for your help

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