This Power Mac G4 has Mirrored Drive Doors.

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That whant to say RELEASE_PPC?

That wants to say the kernel panic RELEASE_PPC on having started in sure way, please that someone helps me, THANKS!

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The first things to try would be to remove and reinstall the memory sticks and the video card making sure the contacts are clean. If this doesn't work get back to us with the symptoms -- if it fixes your problem please accept the answer. Good luck.

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I have removed several times the memory RAM, I her have changed high place also, restart NVRAM, restart PMU and then alone after-taste that of factory, am going to check the video card and say to you that it happens, thank you.


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Check the memory ram and the videa card, I began the installation and towards the end I throw myself the following message:

Because of to problem, inatalling Mac You X could not be completed.

Can it be that the disc of installation is incompatible?

Please help!!


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