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Второе поколение iPhone. Модель A1241; 8 или 16 ГБ памяти; с черной или белой задней пластиковой крышкой. Ремонт проще, чем первого iPhone. Требует отвертки и инструментов для вскрытия.

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iPhone 3G software update

i was thinking today about which part of an iPhone tells apple which phone it is(3g, 3gs, 4 ,4s,etc.) and when the phone is no longer supported with updates.

So my question is which part of the phone doesn't allow updates past 4.2.1 on the 3g and can i take that part out of the iPhone 3gs and put it in to my 3g to make it able to have IOS 5?

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I don't think you have quite thought this through.. the ios updates work to the limits of the phone, so if the processor speed needs to be x and the 3G only gets to v then tasks you want the phone to perform just aren't going to run. Software updates need all parts of the phone to be compatible with function..You'd need to replace several parts, all SMD/soldered to the board and then basically you have paid for parts/labour etc and could have bought a used 3GS cheaper..

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