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Where are the microphones located on iPhone 4

I have had two customers that both have the same issue after replacing the screens. When they attempt to make a video they have no audio, but no issues when making a call or voice memo. On one of the phones I tried replacing the dock connector which has the main microphone and it made no difference. Please help.

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The other microphone, which is also used for video recording, is located on the top near the headphone input. It is located on the same flex cable as the power button and sensors.

What could have happened is that during the repair a screw got connected with the housing of the microphone, which is now causing a short. Please have a look at the big screw just under the connectors cover. It is the screw where another screw does go into. This screw tends to short with the top microphone. Check this and make sure it does not short.

If this does not solve your issue you may want to try and change the power & sensor flex cable.

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Joe Waldherr, take a look at the teardown iPhone 4 Teardown step 19 may help you out with that

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