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Repair guides and support for the E24 BMW 635CSi, a sports coupe powered by the 3.4 L M30 straight-6 SOHC engine.

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How to replace the starter on a 1989 635 csi BMW?

I have a 1989 635 csi BMW and which needs the starter replaced. I was hoping to get some information on how to replace it. Two of my friends have been working on cars of there own for over 10 years.

So I need to know how to get to it, where its located, and the best way to go about removing it. Any help would be appreciated

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Casey Jones, here is what the service manual says:"


BMW 628 CSi / 635 CSi:

Disconnecht hose for heater valve.

Drain coolant.


Pour in coolant*.

Bleed cooling system - see 17 00 039.

BMW M 635 CSi:

Operate the brake pedal about 20 times to discharge the reservoir pressure.Unscrew pipe for power steering.

Unscrew ground terminal on the battery {in trunk}.

Unscrew lines (1 and 2).

Pull off plug (3).

When Replacing Starter;Take off cover for the solenoid switch and mount on new starter with straps 1275 mm (long).

Cut off straps and take off cover for the solenoid switch.

Unscrew and pull of leads.


Check for correct installed position of the insulator for the B + lead.

Unscrew mounting bolts and take off starter,

A subsequently bent ring wrench could be used on the top bolt to improve accessability.

Unscrew mounting bolts with a bent ring wrench and take off starter." also, check this site, awesome BMW info for the bigger BMW's

Block Image

Block Image

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OMG, that is entirely too much stuff to do. Here is how to replace your starter in under 30 min. Disconnect all your battery stuff first....then get a 17mm short socket, the shorter the better. You're going to have to modify that socket just a bit. First, take a Dremel or grinder and cut off the end of the socket so it will just fit on the head of the bolt, then grind the sides of the socket so it will slip in the tight little space on the top bolt. There is zero room to put a standard size socket in that space so you have to modify it to fit. I have my 17mm starter bolt removal socket set aside in my tool box for this reason only. If done correctly the socket will fit in the little space and grab just the top of the bolt, from there you attach a long extension and then attach the rachet. If done correctly the socket will grab the bolt and should easily come off. No need to drain any fluids or anyrhing like that.


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tools needed

*17mm socket *Sears sell a Craftsman 17mm Socket, 6 pt. Flex

Sears Item# 00943208000 | Model# 43208

*10mm and 13mm open end wrench to remove the batt..*small flash light and About 60 minutes of time

1. First Remove the antifreez bottle, move it out of the way.

2. Remove the + and - cables from the battery

3. There are three wires attach to the starter (remover them)

4. Remove the bottom bolt holding the started

5. REMOVER THE INJECTORS WIRE HARNESS. there a clips holding

the arness to the injectors/ take them off (try not to lose them)

6. Use a flashlight to look in the hold under the injector wire

harness between the manlfold to locate the top bolt of the


7. Use the 17mm flex socket on a 24inch extension just sit the

socket on the bolt and turn it ( the socket will get stuck dont

worry if will come free with you remove the starter.

8. Take a 15 minutes time out.

9. Now just work the starter out pointed end out first (between

the brake booster and the anti freezz bottle.

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That all looks good on paper but from my experience you need to remove the intake manifold completely before attempting to remove the starter because it takes too much time and busted knuckles to try it without.... So do yourself a favor, remove before. Added bonus: you get to clean up the intake before you reinstall and this could be nice if you sell it down the line.

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Most sockets won't fit on the top bolt of the starter because of where it sits. So I took a 17mm socket and cut it with my Dremel so there was just enough left to grab the top of the bolt. Then I shaved down the sides of the socket so it would fit in to the top of the bolt to get a grip on it. Then I ran an extension past the oil filter and loosened the bolt. I told my friend who sold me my new starter, that I could remove and install the new one in under 30min. He said if I could do that, the starter would be free! Well, I don't need to tell you who is driving around with a new, free starter!

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yes yes yes! this is how it should be done s


Getting it out, ok. But how do you get the top bolt started back when installing the new starter?


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Simple and direct solution to a replacement starter nightmare.

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