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Home button isn't clicking, but is still slightly responsive.

I just bought a used iPhone 4, and it is not under warranty any more, or free repairs are out of the question.

The home button works, but not not all the time.

Sometimes when I double click, it only registers as a single click. Sometimes I have to press harder to get a double click.

I compared it to my buddies iPhone 4 and his home button has a definite "click" or "pop" feel when his button is pressed. My phone definitely doesn't not have this same feel.

Here's my question. I'm looking into replacing the home button myself, but I'm not sure if the replacement button is responsible for the "click" or "pop" feel, or if it's the dock connector, or another part.

thanks for any insight.

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The home "button" itself sits beneath the button you press and is attached to a ribbon cable that plugs into your dock connector ribbon. Your problem with be one of two possibilities, one is that the screen was replaced and the two alignment tabs on the button were not seated properly before the LCD was installed and is actually holing the button and not allowing it to be depressed properly. If the LCD has never been replaced the other option is that the home button (the one attached to the ribbon cable) has failed.

You can realign the button when you open it up but you can't go wrong with replacing it either, as they do fail often.

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The pop comes from the flexicable behind the home button. You do not need to replace the plastic button itself, just the small flexicable behind it. This will require you remove the display assembly and is a 90% tear down of the phone.

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