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iPod " low battery message"

My ipod arrogantly show "please wait low battery" message. Have tried all options, trying to reset which it never will and comes back with same message, opened the ipod and disconnect battery and hard drive for 30 mins to a day several times and reconnected but error never goes and it doesn't charge.

I tried charging after disconnecting the hard disk but same error. Strangely, connecting the power cord after battery disconnected gives me same error.

what could be issue Battery, HD (no sound), logic board.

please advise.


Can u advise on the following issue connected.

iPod battery connector dislocated

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Just checked it :( happens all the time...


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varin11, I'd start with the battery. Not unusually for the error message with a bad battery. I do know that the 5th gen has had issues with the charging circuit, which ultimately would mean a new logic board. I'd go ahead and replace the battery, check the dock connector for any loose broken or corroded pins. Also, you might want to try a AC wall adapter and see if that makes a difference. Hope this helps, good luck.

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+ try a firewire charger if you got one laying around. For the video's a firewire charger is the "optimal" charger.


have already tried charging for almost 7-8 hours with wall charger but the error still continue.


I get the same error when I charge the ipod after disconnecting the battery from the board.Is it normal.I mean the system should ask for the battery for some thing.Does this point to the Logic board problem.The battery was going fine (1 day last for an 6-7 year old iPod) but one fine day it just conked off without any warning.


Not necessarily. iDevices do different things when they have battery problems. I would start with a new battery. It is inexpensive and will provide you with a starting point. Those batteries do just give up. there is really not much of a warning sign, and if it is the original, it is definitely at the end of its lifespan. Of course, like I mentioned earlier, you do want to check on your dock connector as well.


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My friend has 5th gen 30gb iPod displaying all the symptoms of a bad logic board. ei: won't charge, turns off when hold button turned to on.

I was about to buy a broken ipod on ebay, which I thought would have a good logic board. ... Let me digress: Several months ago her friend had dropped the iPod and the Apple store told her it would cost her $200 for the repair but didn't tell her exactly what the problem was.

I was inspecting the logic board, you know for cracks, bad connections and the like. There's a tiny sub-board about 1"x3/4", which appeared out of line, I mean not square with everything else. I touched it with my plastic tool and the hard drive spun up. I placed the iPod back in the hold position and using my plastic too and a little pressure moved the board back into position. WAL-LA We have Ipod. I'm really quite tickled with myself. Note: be careful with what appears to be a hold down bar. I chipped it trying to releas it. You can move the board back into position with out releasing it.

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