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The RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310 adds GPS capabilities to the already impressive and sleek messaging smartphone.

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Why isn't my phone working after new battery?

I put in new battery and phone does nothing! what do you think the problem id? It was working, when I stopped using it! No light comes on or anything!

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Your phone was working before you changed the battery? Why did you change the battery? Try to replace the new battery back with the old one and see if your phone will start up. If it does, you know you have a "bad" new battery.


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I don't want to ask the obvious first question, but have you tried charging it?

Also, it may depend on where you got the battery. Some cheapo places seem like a deal but it's a roll of the dice on whether or not you are going to get the battery to work.

Try plugging it in and see if it works. Then try your old battery, with it plugged in and see if that works at all.

If those things work, perhaps you can calibrate the new battery to your phone.

The "crackberry forums" are good for these kinds of questions, so browse those for a while and it's likely you will find a good answer.

Good luck with it.


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